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Online Color Combination Tool
Date: January 28, 2011  |  Category: Tools and Applications  |  Hits: 127

Online Color Combination Tool

I must say Color Scheme Designer is the best color combination tool for me as a Web Designer and Graphics Artist. When i started formulating my own color combination 4 years ago i've look for the best tools who could help me in graphics/web designing and their it is, Color Scheme Designer is like made exactly for me and the color combination tools i am still using until now.

What i like the most of this tool is, it's online so you don't need to download and install. You just need your browser plug with flash player and enabled it. Most browser has this plug-ins and will load the tools automatically. Six variants of color scheme is also amazing. You can choose whether Mono (monochromatic), Complement (complementary), Triad (Triadic), Tetrad (Tetradic), Analogic (Analogous), and Accented Analogic. I usually used up to triad, means 3 color distribution.

After choosing your color in the wheel or putting your color in hexadecimal value without the (#)sharp symbol you can preview a web page with this color clicking the Light page example and Dark page example button. Then the page will pop up. You can see the hexadecimal value of list of colors when you click the Color List link under the color wheel. You can also see the sample text color when you click the Sample Text link at the bottom of combination preview at the right side of color wheel.

Those are the basic features i am using from Color Scheme Designer. There are more advance features in the tools and it's for you to discover. Hopefully they could also come up with the tutorials. Go use it, it's for FREE.

Website: colorschemedesigner.com