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SEO Asia
"Can't speak highly enough of Cj's creativity and efficiency. It is more than we expected. The speed and professionalism is simply admirable. The design was neat and I can hardly find flaws in the structure. Moreover, he delivers on time and gives further suggestions to make the website highly functional to address our needs. The stellar cms output was customized, user-friendly and mobile friendly too. Terrific job. It was very pleasing working with you! Looking forward for more projects"
SEO Asia

Latitude 360 Logistics Incorporated
Thank you CJ Madolara! You did it again...Excellent Logo choices [w/ smiley emoji] (for creating Publika International Trading Logo)
Latitude 360 Logistics Incorporated

Latitude 360 Logistics Incorporated
"EXCEEDING EXPECTATION : Offering encouragement and support is one of the things that sets CJ apart from most web designers, I believe he provides an excellent example for the ideal work attitude. CJ shows a unique attitude toward work, always looking for something new to add to the industry, he's willing to go the extra mile to put others at ease fostering a comfortable and open work atmosphere, his attitude toward positive change is one of enthusiasm, he also consistently puts forth an effort to improve the companies surroundings. I seriously believe CJ has an excellent understanding of what companies expect and the policies along with procedures that must be followed, this is one of his major strengths that he's work hard towards in delivering the companies goal on the web. CJ worked well within the parameters set by the managers of Latitude 360 Philippines INC, while setting up the company's website."
Latitude 360 Logistics Incorporated

Castle Cove Investment
CJ has been a great help with designing and developing our website. We appreciate his efforts and look forward to working with him again.
Castle Cove Investment Top Web DesignerdotPH Creative Partner

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Another Story about bad experience at Hyundai Pasig Service
Date: October 28, 2016  |  Hits: success
Another Story about bad experience at Hyundai Pasig Service
Mr. Jet De Mesa story posted on Facebook group dated October 24, 2016:

Shocking Revelations about Hyundai Pasig re: Warranty Claim of Santa Fe Foglamps

First of all, pardon the lengthy read. I took the liberty to share with various Hyundai social media groups, my experience for awareness of existing and would be customers. Not Accent related, but the brand is afterall at stake.

Our 2016 Santa Fe acquired from Hyundai Pasig was delivered in the office on October 14 by Sales Agent Mr. Francis Ablis. Upon personal inspection when Francis is not around anymore, I noticed both foglamps exhibit internal moist. Since I do not have Francis' contact details, I messaged Hyundai Philippines and Hyundai Pasig via Facebook Private Message to clarify my concern. Hyundai Philippines did not reply until now though I observed Facebook page is active. Hyundai Pasig responded and finally, I was able to speak to Francis. According to him, the moist is normal due to changing weather conditions. I disagreed because the foglamps of our 3 year old Accent hatchback never encountered such. Eventually we agreed to bring the unit to the dealership on October 22 for the replacement of both foglamps thru approved warranty claim. Francis even sent me a text in the morning of October 22, reminding the appointment and to look for Ms. Lea Ensalada in charge warranty claim.

I lodged the unit at Hyundai Pasig on October 22 at 11:45 AM. Had a brief discussion with Lea, assured me also that the foglamps to be installed is a brandnew unit care of warranty. I left the premises, retured at 4:30 PM, surprised to find out that the foglamps still has internal moist and does not look brandnew. I requested Lea to present the box of the brandnew foglamps and the replaced foglamps originally installed in our unit. While waiting, I showed Lea how a brand new foglamp looks like by walking through a display unit of the Santa Fe in their showroom. After about 20 minutes, the Service Manager Mr. Custer Concha approached me and explained that the replacement foglamps came from another brandnew Santa Fe unit. Custer accompanied me to their depot to show which unit where the foglamps extracted, a white colored unit with conduction sticker MP3472, with hood opened and a mat placed below the chin. The following conversation transpired during our discussion:

ME: Ina-allow ba ng HARI ganitong practice?
CUSTER: Hindi po ina-allow pero para mabilis sini-switch na lang po namin sa ibang units kasi pag dinaan po natin sa warranty matagal.
ME: Eh bat sabi sakin bago ipapalit and thru warranty?
CUSTER: Sino po ang nagsabi sa inyo na brandnew ang ipapalit?
ME: Si Francis ng Sales. Nakausap ko siya lastweek a day after delivery of unit, ni-report ko nga agad yan. Nagtataka nga ako nakapasa sa Pre-Delivery Inspection nyo yan.
CUSTER: Hindi ko po kilala si Francis. Nagiging transparent lang po kami kung ano ang ginawa namin. Ang mali po ay dapat in-advise kayo ng tama.
ME: Hindi kayo magkaka-kilala dito sa company nyo? Well problema na ng organization nyo yan basta ang nakita ko eh malinaw na panloloko sa customer. Maling mali in all aspects, the way you resolve my concern. Ikaw nga as Service Manager pumasa sayo yang pinalit na foglamps eh kitang may moist din sa loob and mukhang luma.
CUSTER: Bago lang po ako dito sir 1 month pa lang...
ME: Alam mo hindi ko na kailangan malaman kung bago ka lang, those are last resort scapegoat. The thing is you guys did not do things right.

I also had my share of absurd discussions with Lea. On how she insist that the service passport be surrendered to them as required by HARI for warranty claims, to be returned on 1,000 KM PMS. Told her that I could not remember Hyundai Quezon Avenue and Hyundai North EDSA doing the same when I previously availed of warranty claims for our Accent. As an alternative, I suggested instead to just photocopy the necessary pages for reference. I think it is just a tactic of the dealer to ensure that the 1,000 KM check up be availed to them.

To HARI authorities, I think this dealer deserves a sanction for violation of customer trust and intentional deceit resulting to fabrication of lies.

Date: March 08, 2016  |  Hits: success

Unit: Accent 2012

Problema ng unit is pag ON ng parklight:
- Hinde na nagdidim yung dashboard.
- No light indicator symbol(green) sa dashboard gumagana naman ibang indicator.
- Right side head/rear lights hinde gumagana.
- Yung foglamp/underglow ko tap ang switch sa parklight hinde narin gumagana.

I decided na sa Casa lang magpacheck dahil mas may tiwala ako and to check narin for warranty. If wala sa warranty ma repair narin nila since mas expert sila sa unit. Early February 2016 i decided mag pacheck sa suki kong branch w/c Hyundai Pasig kung saan ako nagpapa maintain(KMS) since then. Mag 4 years na ang unit ko and turning to 35K kms.

Their service advisor said my unit electronics is OUT OF WARRANTY w/c is 3 years (thought included in 5 years warranty) and madami na daw nakalagay. Findings nila is sunog daw ang cluster assembly(dashboard) and need palitan ng buo pero hinde pinakita sakin. Then saka nila machecheck wiring. Which will cost 30-40k something on their Parts Department nung nagtanong ako. Siyempre nakakalungkot.

Medyo doubt ako sa result kasi kung sunog, parklight indicator lang di gumagawa. So plano ko magpacheck sa ibang branch and this time pati sa ibang car repairs. For 2nd, 3rd opinion etc. Medyo diko pa nagagawa pacheck sa iba until nagpalagay ako ng map light this morning (03/08/2016) and nabanggit ko narin sa nag install yung problema. PINALITAN NIYA YUNG FUSE THEN EVERYTHING IS NORMAL AND WORKING. Yung pag dim ng dashboard, light indicator, right head/rear lights, and foglamp lahat gumana.

I'm not sure if they really troubleshoot my unit since they said it is out of warranty. Ok naman service ng frontliner nila pero yung core ng service(repair/maintenance) is very disappointing. For sure lilipat nako ng branch.

#hyundaipasigservicesucks #butinalangmahal #kundinapalitanna

My website is live again
Date: October 07, 2014  |  Hits: success
My website is live again
My website is live again but still need more updates. LUCKILY i have August 2012 backup. It is suspended without prior notice from my partner hosting which is KYMASYSTEMS.NET. I'd just message them last September 25, 2014 to reset my username/password because i will be switching to another hosting company. My website hosted to them since i created it August 2008. For personal reason i need to change my hosting and i hope this is not personal.

Advance Photography Graduation
Date: April 30, 2011  |  Hits: success
Advance Photography Graduation
I just graduated my Advanced Photography Workshop at Federation of Philippines Photographers Foundation. Another milestone for my photography. Got the medal for winning the Photojournalism Category with "Street Food Vendor" theme. Please see my winning shot.

Attending Wedding Photojournalism Workshop
Date: April 30, 2011  |  Hits: success
Attending Wedding Photojournalism Workshop
A comprehensive training workshop with Sir Mel Cortez with 3 months duration.

New batch is now open
COMPREHENSIVE WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALISM WORKSHOP w/ Sir Mel Cortez BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO AND BE A PRO IN 3 MONTHS! Personalized instructions from the pioneer in the 'wedding through the eyes of a photojournalist' approach'. Duration 3 Mos. For details pls call/text jane 474-5417/0922-8299333.

Acquired New Equipment
Date: February 24, 2011  |  Hits: success
Acquired New Equipment acquired new equipment Nikon 55-300mm lens to compliment 18-55mm kitlens. Another proof for continuous improvement for more quality service.

Click here for specifications

Photography Training Second Day
Date: February 13, 2011  |  Hits: success
Photography Training Second Day
Here are my practice shots in my second day of Photography Training with FPPF taken last Saturday February 12, 2011. Learned composition.


Mother and Child


Photography Training First Day
Date: February 05, 2011  |  Hits: success
Photography Training First Day
Here are my practice shots in my first day of Photography Training with FPPF. Learned aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and other settings in DSLR Camera.

Red and Green

White on White

Motion Freeze-Panning

Black on Black


Officially Enrolled in Basic Photography Workshop
Date: January 19, 2011  |  Hits: success
Officially Enrolled in Basic Photography Workshop
I just confirmed my enrollment at Photo World Manila with their Basic Photography Workshop. This will be my second step pursuing photography after enrolling Post Processing/ Portraiture and Digital Matting Workshop with Photodroupouts. I know it's going to be great combining photography with web designing / graphics designing / web developing. I am starting to apply what i learned to it and it's cool. Below is my sample created. Photography category in my portfolio is now a must.

Most of their schedules are still open. Be my batchmate. Check their website here

Attended Portraiture/Post Processing Workshop
Date: January 16, 2011  |  Hits: success
Attended Portraiture/Post Processing Workshop
Just got finished my Portraiture/Post Processing Workshop with Photodroupouts last January 15, 2011 at Butterfly Farm, Marikina City.

Attended Digital Matte Painting Workshop
Date: January 16, 2011  |  Hits: success
Attended Digital Matte Painting Workshop
Attended Digital Matte Painting Workshop using photoshop last January 16, 2010 with Photodroupouts at Butterfly Farm, Markina City. Below are the outcome...

Just got my Nikon DSLR D3000
Date: August 23, 2010  |  Hits: success
Just got my Nikon DSLR D3000
I just purchased my DSLR last August 12. I decided to bought entry level camera as i enter the world of photography because of the budget and ease of use. The image is one of the few first shots i took exploring my first DSLR. Hopefully i could add photography as one of my services soon and connect to my web development service.

All my mobile contacts are now active
Date: August 14, 2010  |  Hits: success

You can now reach me by the following contacts: PLDT Landline: +63 2 664-9984 Globe Network: +63 915-2466976 Sun Network: +63 922-6028135

My new website and logo is now uploaded
Date: August 02, 2010  |  Hits: success

I just uploaded my new website and logo. Concept of web design is clean and nationalistic. Using Philippines' trademark such as Sun and Star pattern from our flag, pawid at the banner (common roof of native house made from coconut leaves), sawali background (wall made from bamboo), and the Maya bird which is the common birds here in the Philippines.

My website is powered by my own Portfolio Management System mainly created using PHP and MySQL Database. Designed and developed from the scratch. With main features such clients, contact, news, and portfolio content management there is also a blog webpage where i will try my best to share some ideas, experienced, and discovery especially in web design and web development. Some features will be up soon such project ratings and visitors comments.

I still working with some my old portfolio to be uploaded. You can check my previous website here at . Thanks and enjoy exploring my website.